Flawed Leadership?

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chess“The ___ is flawed. The leadership is out of touch with the constituents. They are advancing issues that aren’t relevant to what I do, and they react much too slowly to critical events. Their last policy was a complete disaster, and we’re only now starting to feel the effects. I didn’t vote in the last election because I was too busy working to bother with all of the politics. Besides, there were no good candidates because the real leaders are busy with real work.”

What fills the gap?

Figuratively, we do. Be it local or provincial politics, departmental or hospital leadership, or even our own professional organization, it is all of us who should be filling the seats. There is a choice to get involved, advocate for change, and represent your peers. There is also a choice to throw stones: Less commitment, less energy, but also less productive. The OMA is a flawed organization (and so is the government, etc.), but it would be a shame to assume that its leaders aren’t well intentioned and committed to physician wellness. Building uncertainty and division within our ranks diminishes our collective voice and influence, and makes it less likely that we will achieve positive change. The OMA is what we define it to be, and we are in a position to redefine it. Run for council/board, sit on committees, vote in elections, and use the stones to build something instead of take down those who are trying. I know that with passionate innovative ideas you can certainly count on my vote.

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Taylor Lougheed is a physician in Family and Emergency Medicine, and passionate about sustainable public healthcare, quality improvement and patient safety, medical education, and global health.

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